Economic Gardening Program

In partnership with the National Center for Economic Gardening and the Edward Lowe Foundation, the Town of Gilbert proudly offers Gilbert-based small businesses the resources and technical assistance they need to succeed. Leveraging sophisticated business intelligence tools, business CEOs will work with an economic gardening team that will help them accomplish research based results, including:

  • Identifying market trends, potential competitors and unknown resources
  • Mapping geographic areas for targeted marketing
  • Raising visibility in search engine results and increased web traffic
  • Tracking websites, blogs and online communities to better understand competitors and current and potential customers
  • Making informed decisions on core strategies and the business model


  • Be a for-profit, privately-held company that is headquartered in Gilbert
  • Generate annual revenue or working capital of between $1M and $50M
  • Employ between 10 and 99 full-time employees
  • Demonstrate growth in employment and/or revenue during two of the past five years
  • Deliver products or services to customers outside the company’s local market area or demonstrate the capacity to do so
  • Be referred by a participating economic development or entrepreneur support organization

The Process

  • Complete the online application at:
  • Gilbert’s economic development will review the online application
  • Application status will be emailed to the applicant within 72 hours
  • If approved, the business receives an introductory email, along with instructions on how to access and navigate the online workspace
  • An Edward Lowe staff member will contact the applicant company to facilitate meeting dates and times for two conference calls between the CEO and the Team Leader of the National Strategic Research Team. A Gilbert team member will be present on these calls
  • The initial conference calls begin the economic gardening engagement, which consists of up to 36 hours of professional research and consulting by the National Strategic Research Team


  • Zero cost to your business- This program is funded by the Town of Gilbert who has pooled funds to support this program
  • CEO participation- Accepted companies will spend 8 to 12 hours collaborating with their research team. The team, in turn, will spend additional time behind the scenes working on your company’s issues
  • Potential Issues-Identifying and prioritizing sales leads and business opportunities; refining your core strategies and business model; and using social media to connect with customers and create buzz about your products or services.
  • Logistics- You do not need to leave your office. All communications are handled over the phone and on a secure online portal where a workspace will be assigned to your company

For more information on Gilbert’s Economic Gardening program, please contact:

Hilary Hirsch
Economic Development Administrator- Business Retention and Expansion
Gilbert Office of Economic Development
E:  P: 480-503-6873